You May Want This Gadgets For Your Indian Home

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The Must Have Gadgets For The House

For gadgets to catch my eye, they need to be both design and function led. There’s no point in something looking good if it doesn’t work or fulfill a purpose, and I hate it when inventors are lazy and create something with great functionality but just looks plain boring.

When they get these two right the gadget is on to a winner in my eyes. Recently I’ve seen a couple of new gadgets like Bluetooth kettles, toasters and automatic blinds fulfill both of these functions. Pretty cool maybe, but are they really needed?

Sometimes tech is created out of necessity, other times it’s purely to take advantage of the market and cash in on impulse buys and Bluetooth kettles I feel, really falls under the latter.
The gadgets I have seen lately though are the latest releases of robotic vacuum cleaners. These are pretty design led and look fantastic, but overall they have improved their intelligence and they are much more functional now.

For the outside and garden space, I’m loving wireless controlled lights at the moment. These can even be controlled at a distance when you’re out at work or set on timers to work as a security measure for when you’re away on business.

But there are lots of other uses for these which are more commercial in nature, and just think about how cool this would be if you’re looking to stage and sell your home. Before the buyers come round you could set up the lights to light up the front and back gardens (and even the pool lights) very cool. This can really set the scene ready for when your estate agent arrives to show the prospective buyers around. You can follow this up some wireless music to set the mood and finish off with the lights showing off the back garden waterfall feature.

I love all this stuff, and the potential to add value for a range of different commercial markets is massive. As a CEO I can’t help but see the business side of this and if I was involved in high end property sales I would be all over this for sure!

I can see great potential with this and other uses for companies in the property staging market.They spend thousands on each house, staging it with furniture ready for a sale to make a home look lived in and to attract buyers to the lifestyle. So just think of the potential for staging companies to add these gadgets to their setup and service.

Or even in the high end property markets, where money is barely an issue, estate agents could provide this level of staging and setting to their premium clients.