How to look beautiful – Hair removal methods using Epilator

There are different things that you need to consider when you learn how to dress an oval body type. Just as with dressing an hourglass figure, there are clothes that look great and that do not look that great. Your objective needs to be to create an hourglass figure illusion. As the midsection is too wide, it is important to create a waist illusion. It does not matter what the weight is since you can create that waist and balance the body.

For starters, you can create the curves you need with the use of color. Monochromatic approaches are usually best. You can add color splashes with the use of necklaces, shoes, earrings, camisoles and sunglasses during the summer. As an example, you can wear a skirt suit or dark pants with bright colored shoes or cami. Alternatively, how about a dress that is colored and a dark belt?
The secret is to dress proportionally at the bottom and the top so that the waist is created. You should always avoid tight clothes. Proportionately accentuate the lower body and the upper body to create curvaceous effects.

We recommend the use of A-line skirts, belted waists, darted waists or different embellishments that will emphasize the shoulders and the bust while drawing attention. You can create volume illusion without actually adding volume. Based on the oval body type, you can use belted coat dresses, A-lines and wide lapeled as the most flattering options.

When referring to the tops, you have to consider those that have embellishments that will draw attention while adding volume, necklines or those with cuts. The best options available are always wide necklines or off the shoulder necklines. Women with an oval body that wear jackets and shirts should choose those to their hip bone since these are those that are particularly flattering.

When thinking about bottoms, you can easily choose a line skirt. You have to avoid straight pencil or clingy skirts. The pants that you choose should be cargo pants or models with flap-pockets. If you are looking for something that is particularly flattering, you need to consider some that are slightly flared cut, trouser cut or boot cut. When you dress your oval body shape, the best accessories are: chunky necklaces, wide belts, earrings, body shapers with a middle trim and eye-catching shoes.

We always learn a lot from celebrities and we look up to them when it comes to the clothes that we buy. When looking for a true fashion icon celebrity that has an oval body, you absolutely need to look at Queen Latifah, according to Beauty tips. The bottom line with the oval body shape is that you need to take some time to create that waist illusion. It is the one thing that counts the most at the end of the day. Have patience and always choose your clothes carefully. Never choose something that is not suitable and do not forget about the fact that you are trying to create the hourglass figure.

Different hair removal methods for women

There are various different methods of getting rid of body hair and these include threading, hair removal creams, shaving, epilators, waxing, and tweezing. My favorite hair rehair removal methodmoval method is epilation, though many women won’t like due to pain. But believe me the pain occurs only for the first few times, then the pain almost become negligible. But yes, you need to buy the best epilators of 2017 for the great result. We will discuss about epilation and epilators in detail later in the article.

Unfortunately, most hair removal method are not permanent and the hair quickly grows back. If you go by other expensive methods like laser or electrolysis, you may get much great result and you won’t have to think about removing body hair soon, but these methods apart from expensive are also very painful. In India laser hair removal can cost anywhere around Rs 20000-25000. This price is variable, because it generally depends on how many treatments are needed, the location where you’re having this procedure performed, size of the area being treated, and the time it takes to perform this procedure. Laser hair removal is not the best option in my opinion and it does not suit everyone. On the other hand electrolysis are much better option as they can work for every skin type and hair colors.

using an epilatorEpilation is a process that involves pulling your hair from its root. The one thing that comes to mind that I wouldn’t advise anyone doing it is using a cooling glove before epilation, with the purpose of numbing the area. Choosing an epilation method that works for you mainly depends on usage habits. This is one of the most common questions asked by those who have never tried the method. It is extremely effective and you won’t have to epilate again for up to 3 weeks (though if hairs start coming through you can easily get them before they pose a threat). Epilating damages the root and causes the hair to grow back thinner and weaker than before.

  • The pores tighten and many hairs end up being cut and broken at the surface.
  • For most women it is more convenient to combine epilation with bath time, and a wet or foam version could work perfectly for them.
  • Well, epilation, especially in a sensitive area such as the bikini line, does involve a certain amount of pain and discomfort.
  • Do You know how to use epilator and epilate with ease?
  • You can use the cooling glove after epilation.
  • There are others who may find the dry version simpler to use and can easily find the time and privacy to use their dry epilator frequently.

However, the amount of pain you experience while epilating your bikini line depends on a lot of factors. Maybe you are trying but not able to do it properly. Also, don’t forget to use a moisturizer after each session. Your skin should be free of oil and entirely dry. Being stressed or tired, epilating right before or during your period, epilating on dry or already irritated skin all make the process more difficult to endure. I have gathered all the best tips for epilator. Firstly the benefits of epilating – the obvious one is that it gives long lasting hair removal, up to 6 weeks depending on your hair cycle, and it is quick and easy to do it yourself at home. Silk-épil Xpressive has developed special tissues to clean your skin before epilating. No matter what approach, wet or dry, make sure you hold it perpendicular to your body.

I have read and collected tips from the top beauty experts who have been epilating using great epilators for months. They work by removing hair from the roots by spinning lots of tiny tweezers, but you can avoid the swearing and tears and ‘I’ll never do it again as long as I live!‘ by following my top tips! They also have a cooling and soothing effect on your skin, making epilation more pleasant and giving you a great beautiful skin sensation. Unless it is designed to be used from an angle, keep it at a good 90 degree position from the surface of your skin to ensure you get the best results. They know how to do it properly so that you don’t feel the pain.

The best way to epilate even if you don’t have a high pain threshold is to get a wet and dry epilator. Brush across your skin against the direction of skin growth to “lift” the short hairs. Trying to rush through using an epilator is never a good idea. Please don’t start ripping your hair out until you read how to get the great results from the most top brands of epilators. This means that it can be used in the shower or bath so the pores can open, meaning the hair and root will come out much more easily. This gives the epilator a better grip on them. Move it from the bottom of the area being epilated to the top, against the grain of the hair. Take your time and move carefully in uniform motions, do one section at a time, with a slight overlap of the previous area to fully epilate.

Benefits of epilator
best epilator in IndiaUsing a epilator is not a messy process. Silk-epil epilators are available with different attachments, depending which model you choose. Another thing about epilators is that this hair removal method makes hairs grow thinner but that only happens in time, after many many epilation sessions. Epilation is not new. Although some epilators can be used in the shower, an epilator does not require water or shaving cream, and there is no residue left on the skin afterward.

  • The attachments are specifically designed to give you superior results for different body parts.
  • I know that not everyone is going to agree with me on this.
  • The Epilady was created in Israel in 1985, in what The New York Times called a “revolutionary” change in the hair-removal industry.
  • Epilators are designed for home use and do not require a trip to the salon.
  • But if you are still scared to use a machine for facial hair removal, you can always wax it off!
  • The counterargument would be that it’s only an illusion because if I were to let my hairs grow for a few months, I would notice that the hairs are still as thick as before and as many as before using an epilator.

And, for a while, it was. Epilators are small enough to toss in a suitcase and take with you when traveling. Waxing facial hair is effective as well! If you are just starting with epilation, I suggest that you epilate either at night or a day before you want to flaunt your legs or arms. 😀 Initially you might get a lot of redness and it could be painful. Then the revolution waned and, for some unknowable reason, we gravitated back to shaving. Epilators can be used on the legs, arms, face, underarms and bikini area, although special epilators may produce better results on the underarms and bikini area. Using an epilator to pull out the hair causes pain. Since my body is quite used to the process now, I epilate whenever I want – day, night, right before going out, watching TV. whatever. Epilators have a kind of old-school vibe about them, and not in a vinyl-records way.

An epilator offers you the benefit of removing hair as short as 0.5mm in length. This is because pressure is applied on the skin while the hair is being pulled out. The key thing is to hold the epilator right at 90 degrees. But I’m here to lead a revolution. This is a huge advantage over other hair removal methods such as waxing, where you have to wait for hair to grow to a certain length before being able to wax. The manufacturers seem to have taken notice of this and the newest epilators considerably reduce the pain. Forget about ripping off a plaster, it’s actually better to be slow but sure when epilating as being too fast could mean you’ll miss some of those hairs and get a patchy result.

Therefore, if you’re tired of waiting for unwanted hair to grow out evenly or to a certain length before shaving or waxing, you may want to consider using epilators. Some use ice to cool the area while epilation takes place and others use massage to reduce the pain. The first time you epilate it’s normal to feel slightly anxious about how it’s going to feel. With epilating, you can get rid of unwanted hair at any time you wish and therefore smooth silky skin throughout the year. Ease yourself in by treating small areas around the knee and keep skin taut as you go.

Buying an epilator
These handy devices come in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to the ‘perfect’ epilator – there is no such thing. If everything is so simple, why even bother with reading this blog post on epilator reviews or any other review? Longer-lasting smooth skin You might be tempted by claims that epilators leave skin looking and feeling smooth for longer than shaving. Some are better for your face and sensitive areas, some your legs, and some for a whole body groom.

  • It is entirely a personal decision as to what style, features, price and brand is right for the individual in question.
  • Why not buy the first one that you set your eyes on and start removing hairs as soon as the package reaches your door step?
  • Some epilators claim to leave long-lasting smooth skin for up to four weeks, but how long this will last depends largely on how quickly your hair generally grows back.
  • Whatever your need, we’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for through our epilator reviews.
  • It is possible to find a wide range of epilators online – eBay have a broad selection to choose from, and a search can be carried out based on the most important features.
  • The thing is that there are many brands out there and reviews like these ones make the choice easier.

Both cordless and corded epilator will suit for home use. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro, we’ve made a comprehensive guide of the best epilators on the market. The method of use is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the perfect epilator – will it be used in the shower or bath or on dry legs? And less time consuming.
The former is better for travels. As I said above, epilators come with different amount of tweezers. Wet and dry epilators – for use in the bath or shower, the majority of women find wet epilating kinder to skin. There are three types of epilators. However, keep in mind, that you would still need to recharge it, and usually you need an electric outlet to do that, so there is no special need for autonomous models.

For sure, when someone wants to buy an affordable epilator, she doesn’t specifically search for one with a certain number of tweezers, but knowing this information will help her. Look out for our epilators specifically designed for underwater use. The first epilators to hit the market were the spring type. The more attachments an epilator has – the better it is. A low number of tweezers doesn’t automatically mean that you will have a bad experience, it only means that the epilation period will slightly increase and maybe you will need to go more than once over a certain area.

Number of tweezers – Different epilators have different tweezer counts. As the name suggests, they had rotating coil springs. If you have sensitive skin, a special cap and a massager are the must-haves for you. Precision epilators have fewer than the broad general use ones. This motion caught hairs in the spring and pulled them out at the root. A trimmer head and a shaver head will help you to do various intimate haircuts, and the precise epilation head will be perfect for hair removal in bikini area, armpits or face. Versatility for different body parts – As well as on your legs, some epilators can be used on the bikini line, underarms, and face. Very similar to spring eplialtors, rotating disc epilators are another type. Look for an epilator with specially designed heads for different areas. They use a rotating motion to catch and pull hairs, but instead of a spring coil, they utilize ceramic discs.


waxingWhile at-home waxing is convenient, there are definitely rules for the at-home hair removal life. A good razor and shaving cream can definitely get the job done right, but sometimes, waxing proves to be a much better hair removal method. What does it mean? Waxing is a great alternative to shaving if you have hair you’re uncomfortable with, says Cornelia Zicu, chief creative officer at the Elizabeth Arden: Red Door Spas. “Waxing is recommended for people of all ages and both genders.” Though she recommends that people start getting wax treatments at a young age, when the hair is fine and will be less painful to remove, anyone can get it done, regardless of age. So as to avoid ingrown hairs, burns and possible bruising, it’s important to know your waxing basics.

Not only does waxing remove larger amounts of hair with more speed than shaving, but it also guarantees noticeably longer periods of smoothness. For the wax to grab the hairs and remove the majority of them from the first pass, they must be neither too short nor too long. So before you try that waxing kit you just bought, read these essential at-home waxing tips so you wind up with smooth, hair-free skin — not ingrown hairs and frustration. And sure, waxing at home is totally convenient, but it won’t get you same results you normally see at the salon. Between 1/4 inch and 3/4 inch long.

Your skin is the most sensitive the time near your period, and waxing can be more painful than normal. Individuals with dark hair are prime clients for this method. You can use a trimmer like Panasonic ES246AC if the hairs are too long. So your appointment shouldn’t be any closer than a couple of days before of after your period. Basically, the more contrast there is between your skin tone and hair color, the better. I would approximate that you would end up waxing once every 3 weeks. However you can still wax if you are on your period. Rogers doesn’t believe people with blonde, red or gray hair will benefit from laser. When I was waxing, that was the time frame for me.But it depends.

Laser hair removal method
If you’re not happy with shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove unwanted hair, laser hair removal may be an option worth considering. There are several laser devices currently available but they all use the same basic technology. The use of a laser to remove unwanted hair involves a lot of heat to burn the hair. Laser hair removal is one of the fastest-growing methods of ridding the body of unwanted hair. Laser hair removal is one of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures in the U.S.

  • A device delivers laser energy (heat) to the unwanted hair, which penetrates each strand right to the root and damages the follicle.
  • This can lead to skin burns in some users.
  • The appeal of laser hair removal stems from its effectiveness, efficiency and convenience.
  • It beams highly concentrated light into hair follicles.
  • This disables the follicle and prevents it from producing new hair.

The laser hair removal burns occur more frequently in patients with darker skin, as skin with darker pigments absorbs the laser more readily. It can be performed virtually anywhere on the body where you experience unwanted hair growth. Pigment in the follicles absorb the light. In comparison, electrolysis involves removing hair by applying electric current to the follicle with a fine needle that destroys the root of the hair. While, in most instances, the burns are mild, there have been a number of cases where severe burns have been reported.

Another reason for its popularity is that laser hair removal can result in permanent reduction of the hair. That destroys the hair. Precision is one of the laser hair removal benefits that very few other hair removal options can’t boast. The laser felt like someone was snapping an elastic band against my skin, and I was told that the sensation I felt was the laser shooting beams of highly concentrated light into my hair follicles. Lots of us suffer from ingrown hairs, usually as a result of waxing or shaving.

Conventional methods of hair removal involve waxing, shaving, and tweezing that are time-consuming and cumbersome, especially when you have to rush for work each morning. Lasers will selectively target the hairs slotted for removal and leave the surrounding skin unharmed. The beams kill the follicles, thus destroying the hair. They occur when the hair grows back into the skin. Laser hair removal benefits include being permanent, and once you have taken the treatment, you won’t need to waste time and money on regular treatments. You might be able to get similar results with plucking or waxing, but both of those processes are tough on your skin. They appear like little red bumps on the skin and can be itchy and sore. You can safely strike off the razors, depilatory creams, wax, and shaving gels from your shopping list. Sometimes they can become infected and need treating with antibiotic creams or tablets. You’ll also find that the new growth becomes extremely sparse and fine with subsequent sessions.

Hair Styling Guide

hair stylingAs I have discussed above the different hair removal methods, I would also like to talk about hair styling and what all tools you need to have for great hair styling. Women have different types of hair, some have short hair while others have long hairs. They also differs in quality and color. So for good hair styling you need to understand what will suit you best. But if you have long hair and you want to keep it straight, You will definitely need a good hair straightener or a best flat iron.

Long hair styles
Long flowing hair can be amazingly beautiful, but oh-so-boring if you don’t ever do anything with it. You can try out various kinds of hairstyles. Look cool and classy this summer with the following stylish haircuts for long hair. Sometimes you don’t feel like using a curling iron to shake up your bone-straight hair, so it’s best to just work with what you’ve got. It’s time to mix things up just a bit by adding bangs!

  • Can keep your hair open or tie them up in a bun, even a chic ponytail or a braid looks so cool in summer.
  • Remember that whatever cut you finally decide to have, it should be according to your hair texture and face shape.
  • We love Selena’s satiny-smooth strands here, that are super easy to recreate with a straightening iron (or just your natural texture) and a meticulous middle part.
  • Long hair with bangs is a quick and easy way to completely change the vibe of your hairstyle without sacrificing the length.
  • But, long hair can also be a bit difficult to manage.

hair styling using straightenerThe hair cut should allow you to sport your natural texture like waves, straight or curls as styling them often with heating tools, gels, and sprays, in hot weather will get tricky. Each month is a new and different adventure in unruliness. Here are 20 looks to inspire you! Besides, if they are heavy, then making easy hairstyles can also get tricky. Discuss with your hairstylist about your preferences and way of life before going for the haircut. It starts when your hair begins to creep over your ears, prompting the inevitable, Time for a cut, eh? from friends and family. If you have an oval or oblong-shaped face, chances are you’ve been told that you have one hair option—long and straight—for most of your life. Therefore, keeping all this in mind, Zuri presents 6 easy-to-do gorgeous hairstyles if you have long hair. He will give you a better idea on what will really suit you and will be easy to manage. Several years ago I wrote a post on Regency Hairstyles and their Accessories.

Though the right cut is the key to balancing out your features, when it comes to hairstyles for long faces, you have way more options than the traditional sleek and mane-like ‘do. Some of the simplest chignons have simple ponytails at the foundation. From the past few year people have become very conscious of their style and would not like to compromise in any ways. This series of images starts much earlier than the Regency. Yet the finished product is so sleek and classy, nobody can guess that you cheated your way to that chignon (which is exactly what you need). A great way to do up your hair on a Christmas party or reception party night, all this needs is some serum and a gorgeous clip to hold your hair together.

The hairstyles trends are always changing some time it is short hair in fashion and some time long hair with curls. Jane Austen, who was born in 1775, would have been familiar with the hairstyles depicted here up to 1817, the year of her death. It’s a great way to get away with unwashed hair because the built up sebum will actually help keep your hairdo in place. For men the most well liked new hairstyles are short taper, shag, medium fade, league cut, low fade, gradution, buzz cut, spikes, messy cut, spears, crew cut, and butch cut and bold. Her mother and aunts would have worn longer curls and powdered hair in her childhood.

Bald is well thought-out to be the most exceptional style these days. As teenagers and young women just coming on the marriage mart, she and Cassandra would have worn their hair much like the women in the 1790s. In this modern times guys are become more conscious about they hairstyles even more than women, they all want to have a attractive looks and want have the same hair style as the famous celebrities have and for guys long hair are really in. and the women are going for short hairs because of the celebrates have change they hair style and make short.

Why You Need a hair straightener for great hair styling

A hair straightener is must if you want to style your hair like a stylist. Without hair straightener the life would be very difficult for any hair stylist. In this article we will discuss about how you buy a great hair straightener in India. Hair straighteners offer a quick and easy way to tame frizzy, curly, or unruly hair. Touramaline Ceramic Plates combine the benefits of ionic and infrared technology for healthier, more manageable hair. Consider the natural texture of your hair. Ceramic irons were the first to enter the high end straightener market, and they have been around for nearly two decades. Heated plates glide along the hair follicles, straightening the hair as they go.

  • These plates generate negative ions to help lock in moisture and improve hair condition, whilst removing the static which causes frizz.
  • Thick, coarse hair will require a hair-straightening iron that heats up to high temperatures, but thin, fine hair can be damaged by high heat.
  • They get reliably hot, and they stay that way as long as you need them to.
  • As with any type of hot styling, straightening hair can cause damage.
  • They emit gentle infra-red heat as they glide through your hair for the ultimate high-shine finish.

If you have fine hair, shop for hair irons that offer a variety of heat settings. In my opinion, entirely ceramic plates are the way to go. However, if a good quality straightener is used, the risk of damage decreases substantially and hair is left looking sleek, glossy, and healthy. If you’re the kind of person who just doesn’t feel ‘done’ without a ‘do’, a good hair straightener can save you a lot of money at the hairdresser. Digital flat irons let you choose the exact temperature to avoid damaging your hair with too much heat. Make sure when you’re looking that you don’t go with a ceramic-coated iron if you need something that will last a long time. We tried and tested a whole range of straighteners to find the ones that keep hair super straight all day but not at the expense of its health. Cancel that regular blow dry and straighten your hair at home instead. Plate types range from ceramic to tourmaline, titanium, metal and – less frequently – glass. Ceramic-coated means lower quality, and they don’t hold the heat you need as well.

Top features to look out for are ‘sleep mode’ which automatically switches off irons after 30 minutes; adjustable temperature settings where you can set the level of heat applied to your hair and extra-long and rotatable cords to make styling easier. If you’re more the type to wrestle your hair into a ponytail each day and wonder how others manage to walk around looking like they married a hair stylist, their secret is now out. These all essentially work by weakening or breaking the hydrogen bonds in your hair, allowing it to reshape into frizz-free sleek stylings using negative ions. Remember, hot spots are not your friend! Ceramic plated straighteners are the most common because they heat up evenly, smoothing your hair out and avoiding any extra warm patches that might burn – a problem that occurs with metal plates.

Higher temperature settings usually mean you can get your hair straightened or ironed out more quickly and to greater effect. For good heat conduction and greater ionic output than ceramic plates, light, portable titanium options are the best choice. This does not mean all temperature settings will be suitable for your hair though, particularly if you have very thin or delicate hair. Tourmaline is often used to enhance other types of plates and it is perfect for heavy, coarse hair. In these cases, you could risk damaging your hair if you spend too much time on the hottest settings. Short styles are best maintained with narrow plates. The more settings available, the more flexibility you have, with some models even coming with digital displays for accuracy.